Vibrations in Cellular Communication

Energie and Matter are two inseparable intertwined concepts (E=MC²).
According to the teachings of quantum physics, the human being does not exist as mere energy (without matter). According to physics beyond the Standard Model, all matter, for e.g. a tree or our human physical form, is nothing more than oscillating vibrational energy, similar to aroma or human thought. From an energy viewpoint, the world of matter is merely an interplay of diverse energy forms. It has been scientifically proven, that the entire mass proportion of the human body (protons, electrons, neutrons), without the space inbetween, would fit onto the point of a needle (a diameter of one thousandth of a millimetre). The remainder of the human physical form comprises space – material-free realm. The outer form of the human body comes into being by means of the most diverse interactions of energy. All elements of the human body vibrate at a specific frequency and wavelength.

This realisation has forced mankind to reconsider its perception of disease and health.
An illness or a disease does not therefore begin at the time that it physically manifests and is hence diagnosed, but much earlier within the energetic body due to a disruption to the inner-bodily commmunication. According to this understanding, continual good health is only possible if the out-of-sync, or dissonant, energetic body finds its way back to the individual, complex vibrational pattern and manages to identify and regulate any areas of imbalance through communication with the body, within the body.

Professor Fritz Albert Popp characterises malignant cells
for e.g. “as cells which have lost contact to external and internal rhythm of non-material energy” (translation)