The Origin of Vital Energy

At NovaVitalis we look beyond the Standard Model of Physics to distinguish between the various vibration fields therein, the combination of which comprises so-called ‘ethereal’ or subtle energy.The most important vibration field according to our current knowledge is the Universal vibration field which constantly permeates the earth from all sides. All lifeforms sustain their own energy and gain vital information when they are in absolute sync with this universal vibration. It channels and disperses the vital energy of the Universe.

The second important vibration field is created and accessible
by humans in the form of Consciousness. This is the reason why human consciousness can change and contribute to changing almost every aspect of life.

The third important vibration field is emmited from the most diverse material substances in the most diverse variations. The Nova Vitalis vibration field comprises a combination of the right material vibrations enabling it to interact on a cellular level. Its effectiveness is greatly enhanced through its capacity to resonate with both the ‘Universal’ and ‘Consciousness’ vibration fields.