NovaVitalis and the language of Life

Everything in the Universe comprises vibration. Everything is vibrating at its own unique frequency.
From those organisms around us which we identify as living to those which to perceive as inanimate, such as crystals.

In light of this, a naturally existing vibrational field has been discovered, which comprises many frequency patterns. This finding is in line with the most recent Russian research by Professor Gariaev and others, who were able to stimulate DNA using a helium-neon-laser to induce complex frequency patterns. Research leads to the understanding that a lack of such frequency patterns can be due to numerous causes such as physical experiences and epigenetic influences from the past, or environmental influences ranging from toxins and electro smog to a disruption of the body’s acid-base balance, mineral and trace element deficiencies. All of which can cause disharmony within the body leading to disease. The vibration field is therefore vital to our good health and sustained well-being.

The Nova Vitalis vibration field is not classified as part of the electromagnetic vibration fields described by Professor Hertz and cannot be explained by means of thermal phenomena. For this reason, modern scientific methods have been thusfar unable to develop a means of measuring the field. Basic experimentation in physics demonstrates that the vibrations in this new field move in a structured vortex and thus belong to the field of longitudinal waves.

Similiar to nuetrino waves, the vibration field barely
interacts with matter and yet it remains the vibraton field with which life on earth communicates. The influence of this resonance with human cells has not yet been fully researched or proven. Based on existing research, the vibration field comprises the language of life and hence a remarkable significance for human health.