Wissen Sie, wie Sie ihre
positiv beeinflussen können?

Nova Vitalis and the language of Life

Nova Vitalis products have been created to stengthen
the energy part of our beings.

With the aid of energy frequencies within natural cosmic fields
present in every existing organism and object, the communication between and within each cell of the human body is positively enhanced. The frequency pattern of Nova Vitalis products support a variety of bodily functions from stimulating the metabolism to eliminating toxins and regenerating the body.




The Origin of  Vital Energy

All ancient cultures and civilisations understood the great significance
of vital energy. The Greek Democritus described vital energy as non-material vibration or ‘Vis Vitalis’ as distinct from the material reference to ‘Atomos’.

In India it is ‘Prana’ and in China it is Ch’i. In todays material world, these references have become almost forgotten.
The human body is almost entirely viewed according to its biochemical processes. We are however beginning to retune ourselves with this ancient knowledge and becoming increasingly reminded that human physical health is largley determined by the well-being of the energetic body.


Dr. Norbert Fenten: Passion behind Nova Vitalis

Scientist and researcher, Dr Fenten was spurred on by his personal experience with the physically debilitating condition Mutiple Sclerosis (MS) to manifest his Vision of ‘storing health promoting vibration patterns in water’

He went on to develop Nova Vitalis Original Crystal Water
and became the first subject on which to test his own research. Following a mere four months of self-experimentation, Fenten was able to return to a vigorous life managing his MS without the additional medication he had relied on for years previously. “Nova Vitalis has something special, which positively influences the potential within the human energetic body. Our knowledge on the subject only scratches the surface of the possibility and potential”.




Vibrations in Cellular Communication

In every indivual cell of the human body there are about 100,000 chemical reactions taking place each second. As every human being comprises over 50 billion cells, it is of immensely important to coordinate these reactions.

The DNA of every single cell sends and receives energetic, vibrational patterns.
These vibrations also exist as socalled ‘frequency rushes’ within the human aura. Scientists suspect that the human body uses the energetic information to coordinate the repair and regeneration process.


Healthy cells – Healthy body

Each cell nucleus within an organism is an enormous biocomputer, storing, checking and coordinating a variety of information and processes.

All of this is enabled via physical frequency patterns and vibrational forces.
Additional vibrations, such as those existing in Nova Vitalis products, support the correct condition at a cellular level. According to todays knowledge, up to 300 million cells can be created per minute by means of cell division, given the sufficient energy to generate or regenerate. Take a moment to imagine the potential.


Olibanum, Boswellia serrata

Natural ingredients, handled with care

Dr Fenten’s recipes are based on natural, and active ingredients including crystalised quartz as a water restructuring elements.
The addition of xylitol, a plant derived sweetener, is suitable for diabetics and is also proven to show positive effects on dental health (as it does not convert in the mouth unlike conventional sugar).

Nova Vitalis digestive supplements comprise long-chained macromolecules with the capacity to store vibrational energy. The products are naturally high in fibre and should be chewed as slowly as possisble to maximise the nutritional and digestive benefits and allow the effect of the vibrational field to unfold at an optimal level. Nova Vitalis products are created in Germany with the philosophy ‘work is love made visible’.